Diamonds are in demand at Pawn USA.  Pawn USA pays top dollar for your loose diamonds and diamonds set in a ring.  We pay cash for your diamonds on the spot.  Do you have a 1 ct diamond, half carat diamond or a chipped diamond?  Our pawnshop purchases and sells diamonds of all shapes and sizes: princess cut diamonds, round diamonds, fancy cut diamonds, you name it.

Whether the diamond is set in a 14kt gold setting or platinum setting, our jewelry experts will appraise the diamond to the best his/her abilities while it is set.

Not sure if your stone is a diamond or not? Bring the ring or stone to Pawn USA for free diamond testing.  We can examine your stone and tell you if it is a diamond, cubic zirconia or moissanite. If the stone is a diamond, we will value the diamond and provide you with a quote if you want to sell the diamond or borrow against it.  It is a very simple process.

At Pawn USA we work with some of the industry’s premier diamond educators and brokers to stay on top of the current diamond market. We are your best choice to value your diamonds and get the most cash for diamonds, we are the best diamonds pawn shop.