Sometimes customers are  in need of cash but do not have the time or credentials to borrow at a traditional bank.  At Pawn USA, customers are provided the opportunity to sell their item to us for cash on the spot, or they can pledge their item to us as collateral for a 30 day pawn loan.

If the customer decides to opt for the 30 day loan or pawn loan, the customer at his or her option can redeem their item in pawn when he/she brings the monies extended to them for the loan plus the stated interest.  If he/she cannot pick up the item, the customer can bring in the minimal interest payment to get another 30days on the loan without losing the item.  The customer has the option to continue paying the interest on or before the maturity date until he/she chooses.

There are several advantages of a pawn loan over a traditional bank loan.  First, we do not check your credit or ask for an application.  Second, banks typically require several weeks before they can approve you for a loan.  At Pawn USA, we loan you money on the spot up to $20,000.00.  We are a fast cash lender.  Second, we do not report to the credit agency.  In the unfortunate event, you cannot pick up your item, we simply sell the item.  There are no letters of delinquency or collection calls.

Easy cash is a phone call away.  We buy and loan on gold, silver, diamonds, electronics, musical instruments and much more.