We pay top dollar on almost anything of significant value.

 Bring in your 14 kt gold chain, broken gold, sterling silver, gold bars and other jewelry items for a free quick appraisal.  We have tools and resources at Pawn USA to check purity of gold silver and test diamonds.  And upon validation of the gold, silver and diamond, we will make a cash offer on the spot.  We pay the most in the area for your gold, silver and diamonds.

Alongside precious metals, diamonds and high end watches, we also pay top dollar for high end purses like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Michael Kors, etc.  The purses and handbags need to be in very good  condition without any rips or tears and/or marking.  We pay cash on the spot.

Pawn USA will also buy your electronics including: flat screen televisions, cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras,lens,  dj equipment, home audio, subwoofers, Apple Watch, Iphones, and Samsung products, remote controllers, Xbox One, PS4.   All items need to be in good working condition. We will test all equipment before offering to purchase. We pay cash for electronics.

Other items that we purchase include gaming systems such as Sony Playstations/Xbox, Musical instruments such guitars/keyboards/trumpets/saxaphones, and contractor quality tools like Makita/Dewalt/Bosch.

If you have any questions if our pawnshop will purchase your item, please contact us immediately.

Aside from purchasing your item, we provide loans on gold, electronics, handbags and any other item that we purchase. Come to our pawnshop for loans on your Gold/Silver.