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We are a Diamond Pawn Shop.  Pawn USA pays the most for your diamonds. Bring them to us and after a short examination, our experts will provide you with an appraisal for your piece for free.

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We also offer 30 day loans on your diamonds and diamond jewelry.  The process is simple.  You bring your item to our pawnshop for an appraisal.  We offer you an amount and if you agree, we hold onto your item and advance you cash.  You have 30 days to pay us back the money initially lent plus an agreed upon interest.  In the event you do not have the total amount, you can pay the finance fee and have another 30 days to redeem your item.  You can continue this process forever.  However, if you do not pay within the agreed upon date in the contract, the pawnshop is allowed to sell your item to recoup our cost in the transaction.