In our digital era, consumers tend to upgrade their Samsung Galaxy cell phones, 4k televisions, tablets, JBL blue tooth speakers, Apple laptops, iPhones when their most updated versions come to the marketplace.  If you are looking to sell your electronics without the hassle of posting them on craigslist or EBay, come to Pawn USA for fast cash on your electronics. We are one of the most reliable electronics pawn shop Northwest of Chicago.  In case you do not want to sell your cell phone or any other electronic item, you will be able to get a loan against the item.


Pawn USA purchases Samsung Galaxy cell phones, Apple iPhones and other android phones for cash on the spot.  We base our pricing on the phone on the conditions, functionality and whether it has been fully paid off or not.  Please bring the cell phones fully charged and with the cord. We are looking for T-mobile, At&T, Verizon, Sprint, and Unlocked working cell phones.


Even though your LCD or smart TV is an older model, it still may be worth some money.  We buy, sell and do loans on LCD, smart and 4k televisions.  The TVs must be in good working condition preferably on a stand.  If you have the remote, please bring it with you.

DJ Equipment

We take functioning Numark mixers, lighting, subwoofers, headphones, controllers and other DJ equipment from the makers of Pioneer, Numark, Beats and much more.  The equipment needs to be in working condition and cosmetically good condition.

Laptops, Tablets and Bluetooth Speakers

In the event that you have a newer laptop, tablets or Bluetooth speaker that is in good working condition, then bring it over to Pawn USA for a quick appraisal for a sell or loan.  We take Apple MacBook Pros, Dell, HP, Asus and Chrome books.  Bose, Harmon Kardon and other blue tooth speakers are accepted.


There are other electronics that we do buy and loan on including: audio/video equipment, Canon/Nikon cameras, video recorders, Kicker and Pioneer Subwoofers, and much more.  If you are uncertain if we take in a particular item not listed above, please give us a call.

In addition to buying almost all your electronic items, we offer 30 day loans on them. The process is simple.  After you bring your item and we verify its condition, we offer you an amount and if you agree, we hold onto your item and advance you cash.  You have 30 days to pay us back the money initially lent plus an agreed upon interest.  In the event you do not have the total amount, you can pay the finance fee and have another 30 days to redeem your electronic device.  You can continue this process forever.  However, if you do not pay within the agreed upon date in the contract, the pawnshop is allowed put your purse for sale to recoup our cost in the transaction.